White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

"White Nights" follow the story of two rather lonely individuals who meet on the streets of St. Petersburg. It's kind of the Russian "Lost In Translation," if you will. Our hero notices a woman crying by herself one evening. He approaches her to defend her from a man harassing her, thus beginning their acquaintanceship. 

"White Nights" is one of my favorite short stories. It's a very simple story that presents the reader with a rather relatable query. That of companionship. Our hero states that he is a dreamer and a lonely man with no real past to speak of. Companionship seems to be his only goal. The woman, Nastenka, is awaiting the arrival of her lover. Our hero, who is nameless, is merely a place holder. 

Dostoyevsky does an amazing job of creating quite plain fellows in his stories. There is nothing interesting or memorable about the narrator. He is but a vessel for our curiosity in Nastenka. Who is she? Why was she crying? Has our hero truly found a friend?

For those who appreciate Russian literature, this story is a must-read. It's a "short story" with the same elements that make any Dostoyevsky novel worth it. It makes us look at loneliness from the eyes of two drifting souls passing through St. Petersburg. Read it to find out what their companionship becomes. Click here to order through Amazon today. 

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