2020 - Who TF Is Playing Jumanji//


2020 is The Real Mike Wilson's 4th official album. TRMW evolves his usual rapping style to look at to explore a greater range of sound. From ambient to hardcore, 2020 reflects the menagerie of emotions we all feel in 9 self produced and engineered songs. 

Never Settle//


Never Settle is a 5 track album I didn't know I was making. It deals mostly with my struggles of 2017. I made it to inspire others to continue to shoot for their dreams even when things don't seem to be going your way.

It's All A Trap//


It's All A Trap is Mike's attempt at conscientious lyrics over intricately produced music, telling a story of blackness in Trump's America.



TRMW is a mission statement written in 2015. Self-titled (acronym) TRMW is Mike's first album with no samples.